Our Services - Food and Drugs Act Liaison Office

When you should consider contacting us

  • after you've made all reasonable attempts to address the issues with Health Canada;
  • when you don't know the next steps to take; or
  • if you don't know who to contact for help to resolve your issue.

What we need from you

  • a brief history, including what you have tried so far and the results;
  • names and contact information of people you have contacted;
  • a list of any questions you want answered; and
  • your expectations.

Our service standards

Our client service standard is to return your call or e-mail within 24 business hours.

Our staff

Our conflict resolution specialists are trained in such interventions as coaching, facilitation, mediation and training.

Your information will be kept confidential

We hold all communications and documents given us in strict confidence, unless we receive permission to disclose some or all of the information. The only exception is where not disclosing appears to pose a threat or risk of serious harm, or where disclosure is required under the Access to Information and Privacy acts.  

What we cannot do

While the Food and Drugs Act Liaison Office can help if you have a concern, complaint, or enquiry about how Health Canada administers the Food and Drugs Act, we cannot do the following:

  • render decisions to settle disputes; 
  • make, change or set aside legislation, regulation, policy, guidance or administrative decisions;
  • provide legal advice or get involved in an issue that is before the courts;
  • advocate on behalf of or represent any of the parties involved in an issue; or
  • comment on science-based issues or become involved in discussions about the scientific basis for a decision.

Reporting our findings

We prepare annual reports of findings and recommendations in a manner that protects confidentiality and anonymity. We submit these reports to the Deputy Minister and publish them on the Health Canada website.

Contact us

For more information, please contact the Food and Drugs Act Liaison Office.

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