Policy Planning and Integration Directorate (PPID)

The Policy, Planning and Integration Directorate (PPID) of the Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch (HECSB) of Health Canada provides a wide range of services to the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM), as well as to the other HECSB Directorates.  These services include: strategic policy advice and coordination; planning and accountability direction; corporate business and workforce leadership; and executive committee support.

What We Do

PPID's main roles are to provide:

  • value-added advice and analysis to the ADM and Directorates on strategic policy and operational issues impacting the Branch;
  • integrated corporate support to the ADM and Directorates through the provision of tools and processes required for the effective daily operation of the Branch; and
  • single window coordination to the ADM and Directorates across a range of horizontal policy and business functions with other branches, other departments and central agencies, as well as secretariat support for various committees.

How We Do It

Office of Accountability and Planning (OAP)

The Office of Accountability and Planning provides strategic direction and support to Directorates and the Branch on results-based management and accountability practices and principles, while leading planning, reporting, financial and administrative management for the Branch. Central functions include: the development and implementation of integrated planning and performance reporting frameworks and tools; the development of Branch performance measurement frameworks and the Branch corporate risk profile; and the coordination of HECSB evaluation responsibilities as well as the responses to environmental petitions and audits.

Office of Strategic Policy and Integration (OSPI)

The Office of Strategic Policy and Integration provides leadership and advice in strategic policy development, coordination, consultation and legislative and regulatory services to Branch Directorates, senior management and the ADM.

Office of Business Services (OBS)

The Office of Business Services is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of Branch-wide business services and support in the areas of information technology, information management (including management of the Records Office), publishing, security and accommodation, and business continuity planning.  It also leads and manages the Branch's Pathfinder initiative.

Office of Workforce Initiatives (OWI)

The Office of Workforce Initiatives leads the development, implementation and reporting on people management plans, priorities and initiatives for the Branch. This includes: HR planning and reporting; the delivery of Branch scientific and non-scientific learning and development programmes; workforce/workplace policy analysis and advice; the development of HR scans; people management performance measurement and reporting; the delivery of Branch orientation/onboarding and awards and recognition initiatives; and internal communications/employee engagement activities.

Office of Sustainable Development (OSD)

Health Canada's Office of Sustainable Development promotes the integration of sustainable development principles and considerations into Health Canada policies, programming and plans, and serves as the lead and point of contact regarding sustainable development for the Department. It is responsible for Health Canada's Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy.

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