Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch

The primary function of the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch of Health Canada is compliance and enforcement.

About the branch

The Regulatory Operations and Regions Branch (RORB) was created on April 4, 2016. On January 30, 2019, RORB was renamed the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB) to better reflect the branch’s core compliance and enforcement mandate. This change coincides with the launch of our branch Strategic Plan for 2019-2022, which clearly articulates our vision, mission, and strategic priorities for the next three years.

Our mission is to inform and protect you from health risks associated with:

  • products
  • substances
  • the environment

We do this by delivering and conducting compliance and enforcement activities, and complementary scientific programs.

ROEB strives to achieve excellence in all compliance and enforcement activities. These activities may include:

  • field inspection
  • product sampling
  • compliance verification
  • enforcement measures
  • investigation

ROEB is also the centre for regulatory and policy expertise related to compliance and enforcement. Activities include:

  • ensuring transparency in departmental activities
  • ensuring that industry understands its regulatory responsibilities
  • providing strategic policy advice in support of compliance and enforcement

Our work also includes:

  • working with partners, stakeholders, and Health Canada professionals to inform you of potential risks to your health
  • informing you about environmental health issues
  • coordinating emergency medical and food surveillance services for internationally protected persons visiting Canada
  • supporting regulatory and policy development as well as risk assessment and enforcement actions by providing:
    • advice
    • scientific data
    • laboratory analysis

Branch directorates and their roles

We are under the leadership of the Assistant Deputy Minister and have over 1000 employees. The branch consists of 8 directorates that lead compliance and enforcement activities in their specific area:

  • Cannabis Directorate
  • Laboratories Directorate
  • Planning and Operations Directorate
  • Health Product Compliance Directorate
  • Policy and Regulatory Strategies Directorate
  • Medical Devices and Clinical Compliance Directorate
  • Consumer Product Safety, Tobacco and Pesticides Directorate
  • Controlled Substances and Environmental Health Directorate

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