Stakeholder Registry (CSIMS): sign up for health consultations

Sign up to stay informed and be consulted on health topics that matter to you!

You may choose to:

  • receive information about your chosen topics
  • participate in consultations
  • take part in research activities such as surveys

Everyone is eligible to register and you may unsubscribe at any time.

You can register as a member of an organization, as an individual or as both.

Your information will be collected and kept safe in accordance with the federal Privacy Act.

Registering as a member of an organization

If you want to register as a member of an organization, add yourself to the existing organization. If your organization does not exist in the system, you will need to add it. There can be many contacts for each organization.

Keeping your profile up to date

You will be asked to update your profile every year.

You must keep your profile up to date to continue getting information and invitations to participate in surveys and consultations.

About the Registry

We use the Consultation and Stakeholder Information Management System (CSIMS) to share information on health topics. We also use it to invite people to take part in consultations.

For more information about the registry, please consult our FAQs or send us an e-mail.

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