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Health Canada offers a number of ways that you can contact us to provide feedback or to engage in further dialogue on a particular issue of interest to you. One of the ways we can communicate with you is through various email lists, newsletters or listservs that you can sign-up for.

We do our best to respect your privacy through the adherence to the Privacy Act so all of these email-based services require you to opt-in to participate. We also make it as easy as possible to remove your name from an email service if you wish to do so after you sign-up.

We have put together a list of all of these services available now through our Web site. Click below for more specific information on a given email-based service.

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Consumer Product Safety

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Environmental and Workplace Health

First Nations and Inuit Health

  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for Non-Insured Health Benefits Health Providers

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Health Care System

  • Health Human Resources mailing list

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