Health Canada’s transparency

Find out how Health Canada makes information, data, publications and reports available to Canadians.


Learn about the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

Access proactive disclosure reports on financial and human resources-related information.

Explore how the department is making information about its regulatory decisions available to professionals, the public and the health industry.

Access corporate management reports on evaluations, plans and priorities, performance, finances and audits.

Discover how we engage with Canadians and stakeholders through consultations and public opinion research.

Access reports and publications about the Canadian health care system and issues that affect the health of Canadians.

Search the portal for health-related datasets to access data produced, collected and used by the department.

Access health agreements about issues that concern the Canadian health care system and impact the health of Canadians.

Our current regulatory system is in need of some improvements.

Find stories on how the Department is tackling serious public health issues to keep Canadians safe and healthy. 

View Health Canada’s Departmental Remission Policy for Missed Service Standards, as well as any fee-specific policies related to remissions.

Find out how we include sex, gender and diversity considerations in our work to improve health outcomes for all Canadians.

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