Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Plus in Action at Health Canada

Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (SGBA Plus) is the analytical approach used at Health Canada to assess how different factors (such as age, gender, race, indigeneity, disability, etc.) affect how Canadians experience federal initiatives. It helps us to formulate responsive and inclusive health research, policies, programs and services by considering factors that contribute to differences in accessing health-related resources and health outcomes.

The SGBA Plus Action Plan aims to strengthen Health Canada’s systematic integration of sex, gender and diversity considerations into all of our research, legislation, policies, regulations, programs and services to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Maximizing positive impacts on health

The Action Plan aims to:

  • maximize positive impact on health outcomes and health status of Canadians by designing initiatives to address the diverse needs of the population
  • maximize positive impact on workplace health and engagement by developing policies and processes to address the diverse needs of our employees

Integrating SGBA Plus into Health Canada practices

The four-year Action Plan will integrate SGBA Plus into Health Canada's practices by:

  • Increasing governance, accountability and transparency in the integration of SGBA Plus in Health Canada decision-making
  • Promoting and enabling the collection and use of disaggregated data for rigour in intersectional analysis
  • Enhancing communications and guidance with clarity on SGBA Plus and intersectionality
  • Strengthening SGBA Plus knowledge and capacity with enhanced learning, tools and resources to increase SGBA Plus competency
  • Developing strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance equity lenses and intersectional expertise in SGBA Plus

Foundations of the Action Plan

Building Blocks:

  • Builds on previous work in the Sex and Gender Action Plan 2017-2020, incorporating lessons learned and addressing the findings of the Evaluation, as outlined in the Management Response and Action Plan June 2021.


  • Includes greater emphasis on the use of an intersectional lens as part of SGBA Plus to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in the work of the Department;
  • Promotes partnerships and collaboration to inform equity knowledge and intersectional expertise.


  • Includes greater responsibility at the branch level, senior management leadership to ensure the systematic integration of SGBA Plus and participation of staff at all levels;
  • The SGBA Plus Centre of Excellence (SCOE) will continue to provide leadership for the implementation of SGBA Plus in the department, working in partnership with branches, employee networks, and senior management.

Alignment and Direction:

  • Aligns with the 2022 revised Health Portfolio SGBA Plus Policy to increase intersectional analysis and advance equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Aligns with the strengthened federal approach to GBA Plus launched by the Department of Women and Gender Equality in June 2021 to highlight the importance of intersectionality and the connections with social and structural systems of power which create inequities;
  • Aligns with the Minister’s Mandate Letter from December 2021 “to ensure that public policies are informed and developed through an intersectional lens, including applying frameworks such as Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) and the quality of life indicators in decision-making”.

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