Regulatory Transparency and Openness - 2016-2017 Activities

Health Canada is committed to being transparent and open and has launched the Regulatory Transparency and Openness Framework and Action Plan to show how we are delivering results. Over the years to come, we will continue to make even more information available and easily accessible.

Here you will find the Regulatory Transparency and Openness Activities planned for 2016-2017. Learn more about Health Canada's efforts on Regulatory Transparency and Openness.

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Inform and Engage

Explain key regulatory aspects of Health Canada's work

We play a central role in developing rules and regulations for thousands of products used by Canadians every day. We will better explain some of the key regulatory activities and processes that are part of this role.

Make more information available to Canadians on drug shortages

Health, science and safety information will continue to be posted - including more information in the Drug and Health Product Register and expanded information on drug shortages.

Provide more opportunities for Canadians to be in Departmental decision-making

Building on a solid history of public consultation, we will engage Canadians on key Departmental regulatory activities and documents.


Provide more guidance and information to support compliance with regulatory requirements

Health Canada will provide industry with more guidance to support compliance with requirements to provide Canadians with safe health and consumer products. New or updated guidance and information will be posted for consumer products, controlled substances and drug shortages.

Expand explanations for regulatory decisions to include rejections for high risk medical device applications and for more categories of drug submissions

We will make more information available about products that Health Canada approves and about products that are not approved, and why.

Post more information about the scientific work we do and share the results and data more broadly.

We will post a list of the Department's peer-reviewed articles and an inventory of Health Canada's datasets that will be on the government's Open Data Portal.


Expand and enhance inspection reporting

We will continue to expand and enhance inspection reporting for drugs, medical devices and other health products; marijuana for medical purposes, consumer products, pesticides and tobacco.

Send us your comments

Your input and comments are valuable to us. Let us know how we are doing and provide us your advice on how we can continue to improve.

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