Government of Canada Invests $30 Million to Support Health Care Services in Yukon

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July 25, 2018                          Health Canada                        Whitehorse, Yukon

Canada's universal, publicly funded health system is a source of pride for Canadians. The Government of Canada is working with territories to strengthen health care and adapt the system to the challenges of delivering health care in the North.

Today, on behalf of the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, Larry Bagnell, Member of Parliament for Yukon, along with Pauline Frost, Yukon's Minister of Health and Social Services, announced more than $30 million in federal funds to support health care services in Yukon.

A bilateral agreement was signed outlining how Yukon plans to invest its share of federal funding to improve access to home and community care and mental health and addiction services in the territory. Through this agreement, Yukon will receive approximately $5.2 million in targeted federal funding over five years, as part of a 10-year federal financial commitment of approximately $11 million.

Also announced was an investment of $25.6 million over four years to support health system innovation in Yukon. This funding is Yukon's portion of the Territorial Health Investment Fund, which was renewed in Budget 2017.

The Territorial Health Investment Fund is designed to support efforts by the territories to innovate and transform health care systems, and to ensure that Northerners have access to the care they need.


“The Government of Canada recognizes the challenges of delivering health care services in the North. We will continue to work collaboratively with the Government of Yukon, and with all the provinces and territories to strengthen health services for Canadians.”
The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor
Minister of Health

“Our Government is committed to supporting innovation across our health care systems. This funding is enabling Yukon to develop tailored solutions to meet its unique health system needs and challenges.”
Larry Bagnell
Member of Parliament for Yukon

“Our government is committed to improving the mental wellness of Yukoners, and addressing the growing need for home and community care. This targeted federal funding will allow us to build on our efforts and will help us meet the diverse needs of all Yukon communities.”
The Honourable Pauline Frost
Minister of Health and Social Services, Yukon

Quick Facts

  • In Budget 2017, the Government of Canada committed $11 billion over 10 years in new funding for provinces and territories to improve access to home care and mental health services for Canadians.
  • In 2021-22, these agreements will be renewed for the remaining five years of the 10 year commitment.
  • Budget 2017 provided $108 million over four years to renew the Territorial Health Investment Fund. Of this amount, $25.6 million is allocated to Yukon, $28.4 million to the Northwest Territories, and $54 million to Nunavut.

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