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Female Announcer: Mould and your health: What you need to know

Aboriginal Doctor: "Home is where we spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Because we spend so much time at home, home is also where our health is.

That's why it's important to make sure that our homes are healthy environments.

Mould in housing is one of the issues that can impact your health and your family's health. Yes, when there's a lot of mould in a home, it's not a simple problem to address and usually requires professional help.

However, everyone has a role to play in preventing mould and understanding what to do to clean up small areas and how to get help with larger areas. Even the little things you do can help your health!

To give you information about how, Health Canada , Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have come together to bring you this series of short videos.

But let's start by looking at the potential health hazards associated with mould.

Increasing evidence shows a relationship between mould inside a home and the quality of the air you breathe. This can affect your health and your family's health."

Female Announcer: Indoor mould can increase: Eye, nose and throat irritation, coughing and phlegm build-up, wheezing and shortness of breath, the symptoms of asthma, allergic reactions

Aboriginal Doctor: "People respond to mould in different ways. Children, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system or other medical condition, such as asthma, severe allergies or other respiratory conditions are more vulnerable to the effects of mould. The amount of exposure and the general state of a person's health are also important factors.

If you suspect that your health or your family's health is being impacted by mould, talk to your health care provider as soon as possible.

Protect youself and your family.

Learn how to recognize, get rid of, and prevent mould from growing or returning by watching all the short videos in this four-part information series on mould."

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