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Beef in frying pan
Mothers and children in cooking class
Opening canned tomatoes
Woman looking at label of canned tomatoes

Narrator -- The smell of a home cooked meal wafts through the air of this bustling room filled with new mothers trying out a new recipe. At the same time they're learning more about how to incorporate nutritious foods into their family's daily diet.

Nutritionist shopping at super market in a northern community

Jennifer Wakegijig is a nutritionist and has been living and working in the North for several years. She says she's noticing a gradual shift in lifestyle.

Canned goods on shelves
Grocery cart going through aisles
Stirring beef, peas and corn

Jennifer Wakegijig -- Territorial Nutritionist, Government of Nunavut
"People who are used to eating traditional country food and used to living on the land, there has been a huge transition to people living more in urban places and the whole food supply has changed. So sometimes people are looking at the shelves at foods that are not very familiar or they may not have knowledge or skills about how to choose the best nutritious foods and how to prepare them."

Mothers cooking at workshop
Tomato macaroni casserole
Mother feeding baby
Grandmother with baby carrying food

Narrator -- Today these women are cooking tomato macaroni casserole. Their workshop covers everything from buying to cooking and finally serving meals to their families, important life skills that will be handed down through generations.

Canned foods
Shopper at checkout aisle

Mary Trifonopoulos -- Senior Nutritionist, Health Canada
"The reality is that people eat both store bought and traditional foods so its really knowing well how to choose from the range of choices in the store and how to bring that together in a day eating traditional food and store bought food."

Serving food


  • Teach healthy eating
  • Choosing and preparing healthy foods
  • $2.9 million each year

Narrator -- Nutrition education as part of Nutrition North Canada aims to:
- Increase knowledge of healthy eating
- Improve skills in choosing and preparing healthy store bought and country or traditional foods.

Nutrition North Canada nutrition education total funding is $2.9 million each year for fully eligible First Nations and Inuit communities.

Mothers cooking at workshop
Apples in produce aisle
Frozen char in freezer

Narrator - Across the North, classes and programs like this one are being supported by Nutrition North Canada--bringing healthy, fresh and frozen foods to isolated northern communities.

Boxes of foods being loaded on to plane
Mothers cooking at workshop
Traditional country foods

Because making the food accessible is one thing...but its equally as important to learn how to be creative with the store bought and country food available and prepare a variety of healthy meals for you and your family.

View from inside air plane
Mother feeding baby

Nutrition North Canada replaces the Food Mail Program. For more information about which foods are eligible, your community subsidy rate and related health promotion programs log onto

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