Consultation: Access to substances temporarily controlled under the CDSA

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Current status: Open

You are invited to comment on our proposal to allow access for research to substances that are temporarily controlled under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).


The Minister of Health can place controls on a substance for up to two years if there are reasons to believe it:

  • presents a significant risk to public health or public safety
  • might present a risk to public health or public safety and is being imported or distributed in Canada for no legitimate purpose

When a substance is under temporary control, it may not be:

  • sold
  • sent
  • provided
  • imported
  • exported
  • delivered
  • produced
  • packaged
  • transported

At this time the regulations do not allow access for research purposes to substances under temporary control.

We are proposing to make changes to Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations to allow for such access.


We are seeking feedback on the proposed amendments to the regulations from:

  • researchers
  • universities
  • hospitals
  • other research institutions
  • any interested members of the public


The purpose of this consultation is to ask for comments on our intention to change Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations. These changes would allow access for research to substances that are under temporary control.

When and where

You can make comments about this proposed change between August 26, 2017 and September 25, 2017.

A Notice to Interested Parties providing more details on the proposal is available online at the Canada Gazette.

How to participate

We encourage you to read the Notice to Interested Parties.

Send us your comments by:

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