Consultation on changes to the Tobacco Act to address menthol


The public consultation is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


The public consultation is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

You are invited to provide comments on proposed amendments to the Tobacco Act's Schedule (list) of prohibited additives. This consultation focuses on the use of menthol in certain tobacco products.


Menthol cigarettes are popular with youth and sales of menthol tobacco products are on the rise. Measures are being proposed to restrict the use of menthol in specific products. This is in order to reduce their appeal to young smokers.

Menthol is a flavour additive used to mask the harshness of tobacco smoke. Youth who experiment with flavoured tobacco products are at risk for developing a lifelong addiction to tobacco use. The most effective way of reducing lifetime tobacco use is to prevent its start at an early age.


This consultation is looking for comments from Canadians.


The purpose of this consultation is to ask for comments on making tobacco use less appealing to youth. It specifically looks at the proposed amendments that would prohibit the use of menthol additives. This is for products currently subject to flavour restrictions, including:

  • cigarettes
  • most cigars
  • blunt wraps (tobacco leaves for rolling)

When and where

The consultation document will be available online at the Canada Gazette between April 30 and May 30, 2016.

How to participate

Your comments will be used as feedback for policy making with regards to the proposed amendments.

You may submit your comments by:

  • mail
  • email, in electronic files such as:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe Acrobat

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