Consultation on New Health Labelling for Tobacco Products

From: Health Canada

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Read the New Health-Related Labelling for Tobacco Products: Consultation Summary.

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Who is the focus of this consultation

We will engage with:

  • academics
  • non-governmental organizations
  • provincial and territorial governments
  • health care providers and associations
  • tobacco control experts - domestic and international
  • the general public

Key areas for discussion

This consultation will gather comments on considerations for new requirements for health-related labels on tobacco packaging, including:

  • on cigarette health warnings
  • label content and design
  • label size and placement
  • labels for tobacco products that do not currently have them
  • rotation of labels

Input gathered through this consultation will be used to develop the elements of new health labelling for tobacco products which include Health Warnings, Health Information Messages and Toxic Statements.

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Mailing Address:
Labelling and Plain Packaging Office
Tobacco Control Directorate
Address Locator 0301A, 150 Tunney's Pasture Driveway
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