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Dietary guidelines

Canada’s Dietary Guidelines set out Health Canada’s guidelines and considerations on healthy eating, including:

  • the foundation for healthy eating
  • foods and beverages that undermine healthy eating
  • the importance of food skills
  • the implementation of dietary guidelines

The evidence review for dietary guidance and the interim evidence update informed the development of the guidelines.

Evidence review for dietary guidance 2015 (summary report)

The evidence review for dietary guidance (summary report) has the key results from Health Canada’s 2015 evidence review. The review examines evidence in 3 input areas that inform dietary guidance, including:

  • scientific basis
  • relevance in the Canadian context
  • use of existing dietary guidance

Food, Nutrients and Health: Interim Evidence Update 2018  

The current Interim Evidence Update 2018 focuses on the scientific basis. It gives an overview of evidence on strong relationships between food, nutrients and health.

Revision process

A key part of Health Canada’s revision process includes a review of the evidence for dietary guidance. Health Canada’s goals are to:

  • strengthen healthy eating recommendations for Canadians
  • communicate the recommendations to meet the needs of different users

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