Pigment Red 3 – performance measurement evaluation

2-Naphthalenol, 1-[(4-methyl-2-nitrophenyl)azo]-
CAS Registry Number 2425-85-6

Pigment Red 3 was identified as a potential concern to human health based on its classification by an international agency as a substance that was found to cause cancer in studies with laboratory animals, and its high potential for exposure to Canadians. The primary exposure to Pigment Red 3 was from dermal contact with consumer products containing the substance, such as cosmetic products and paints.

The risk management objective for Pigment Red 3 was to minimize exposure to this substance. The Government took action to reduce exposure to Pigment Red 3 by adding the substance to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist (the Hotlist) and publishing a Significant New Activity (SNAc) notice.

The performance measurement evaluation found that since the addition of Pigment Red 3 to the Hotlist, and the publication of the SNAc notice, there were no identified uses of Pigment Red 3 in products of potential concern available to consumers in Canada.

The performance measurement evaluation concluded that the risk management actions taken have achieved their desired results by helping to protect  the health of Canadians from concerns identified in the final screening assessment, published in 2009. No further active monitoring is required as the SNAc provisions, in addition to the Cosmetic Notification System (under the Cosmetic Regulations), are sufficient to notify the government of any new potential exposures of concern.

Complete details on the performance measurement evaluation for Pigment Red 3 can be found in the Performance Measurement Evaluation for Risk Management of Pigment Red 3.

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