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About 1-butanol

1-butanol is a chemical that occurs both naturally and in synthetic form. In its synthetic form, it's found in a wide range of products available to consumers including:

Safety of 1-butanol

Under the Government of Canada's Chemicals Management Plan, we review and manage the potential risks that chemical substances can pose to Canadians and the environment. The first stage of the review process is a draft chemical risk assessment.

Specifically, there's some evidence that exposure to 1-butanol may affect the development of the fetal nervous system.

We are also proposing that:

What we're doing

Our assessment is not yet final. We are continuing to evaluate the potential risk posed by 1-butanol before we publish our final conclusion. This includes:

If the proposed findings for 1-butanol are confirmed in the final assessment, we will consider:

What you can do

Consumers are advised to:

If you're exposed to 1-butanol at work, talk to your employer and occupational health and safety (OHS) official about:

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For industry and professionals

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