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About Quaternium-15

Quaternium-15 doesn't occur naturally in the environment. It may be used in some self-care products (cosmetics, natural health products, over-the-counter drugs), cleaning products, paints and coatings. It's also used in the automotive, aircraft and transportation industry.

Quaternium-15 can be found in products, such as:

Quaternium-15 may also be used in some materials used to package foods.

Quaternium-15 is a common name for:

Safety of Quaternium-15

Under Canada's Chemicals Management Plan, we review and manage the potential risks that chemical substances can pose to Canadians and the environment. The first stage of the review process is a draft chemical risk assessment.

We have completed the draft assessment of 3 substances that are collectively referred to as the hexamethylenetetramines group. We're proposing that 2 substances (cis/trans-CTAC and cis-CTAC), also known as Quaternium-15, may pose a risk to the health of infants, toddlers and children. There's a potential risk when the following products containing Quaternium-15 are applied to the skin of infants, toddlers and children:

Daily use of these products may:

The draft assessment is also proposing that Quaternium-15:

What we're doing

To reduce exposure to Canadian infants, toddlers and children to Quaternium-15 in the products of concern (sunscreen lotions and body moisturizers), we're proposing to:

What you can do

Consumers are reminded to:

If you're exposed to Quaternium-15 at work, talk to your employer and occupational health and safety (OHS) official about:

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