New products

Once all the component parts of a submission have been evaluated, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) determines whether or not a product should be granted registration. Only if there is sufficient scientific evidence to show that a product does not pose unacceptable health or environmental risks and that it serves a useful purpose, will a decision to register be made.

A registration is normally granted for a term of five years, subject to renewal. The term will be limited to less than five years, however, where it is determined that the risks or value should be reviewed after a specified period. In all cases, conditions of registration are specified, including detailed use instructions, so that the product can be used safely.

Registered products

After a product is registered, the PMRA may re-evaluate the products, resulting in changes to the use pattern, label statements or classification of a product, to ensure that the risks and value of that product remain acceptable. Where it is determined that the risks to human health or the environment are no longer acceptable, or that the product is without value for its intended purpose, the registration is amended or cancelled.

Emergency registrations require and receive immediate attention. Consideration will first be given to products that are already registered in Canada and have previously been subjected to a major review.

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