Is Your Child Safe? series

Keeping young children safe from health and safety hazards is an important concern for parents and caregivers. That is why Health Canada is developing a series of publications aimed at educating parents, caregivers and the Canadian public regarding the safe use of consumer products intended for children.

Is Your Child Safe?, the first booklet in this series, is one of the most popular publications produced by Consumer Product Safety. Because of its popularity and the number of issues regarding child safety in relation to consumer products, Health Canada is expanding this initiative to include a series of four booklets:

  • Is Your Child Safe? This publication covers a wide range of issues relating to products such as blind cords, cribs, car seats, lighters and matches. It provides useful tips and advice for parents and caregivers to help them choose and use consumer products for the children in their care.
  • Is Your Child Safe? - Sleep Time. This guide focuses on safe sleep practices and everything that relates to a safe environment for sleeping.
  • Is Your Child Safe? - Play Time. Toys, toys, toys. This guide focuses on everything related to how young children play and discover the world and how to provide them with a safe playing environment.

To request a copy of "Is Your Child Safe?", "Is Your Child Safe? - SleepTime" or "Is Your Child Safe? - Play Time" please contact (Available in limited quantities in Chinese and Punjabi)

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