Re-evaluation Note REV2012-02, Re-evaluation of Neonicotinoid Insecticides

Pest Management Regulatory Agency
12 June 2012
ISSN: 1925-0649 (PDF version)
Catalogue number: H113-5/2012-2E-PDF (PDF version)

The purpose of this document is to notify registrants, pesticide regulatory officials and the Canadian public of Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency's (PMRA) decision to initiate a re-evaluation, under section 16 of the  Pest Control Products Act (PCPA), of the nitro-guanidine neonicotinoid insecticides, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, and their associated products registered in Canada. Currently, another nitro-guanidine neonicotinoid insecticide, imidacloprid, is under re-evaluation. The re-evaluation of this cluster of active ingredients, will focus on resolving issues related to environmental risk; in particular, the potential for effects of nitro-guanidine neonicotinoids on pollinators in light of changes in the information required and global updates to the pollinator risk assessment framework. This re-evaluation will consider all agricultural uses of nitro-guanidine neonicotinoid insecticides including soil applications, seed treatment, as well as foliar and greenhouse uses.

There continues to be emerging science on neonicotinoids and their potential effects on pollinators. The PMRA is collaborating with international regulatory partners to discuss further data requirements and in the development of enhanced risk assessment methodologies and risk mitigation measures for pollinators.

The PMRA has requested additional data on neonicotinoid insecticides and is working with international partners to develop additional data requirements and risk assessment methods. As well, the scientific community continues to publish additional research results. All new information must be evaluated to confirm that these products do not pose an unacceptable risk. To facilitate the evaluation of these chemically similar products, all nitro-guanidine neonicotinoids, outlined in Table 1, are being placed under re-evaluation to ensure a comprehensive environmental evaluation, including consideration of new scientific evidence emerging from the research community and to reflect the new methodologies being developed at the international level.

The PMRA has received reports relating to bee mortalities occurring in Canada and internationally. Should evidence become available demonstrating reasonable grounds to believe that health or environmental risks of a pesticide are unacceptable, the PMRA will take appropriate regulatory action.

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency is collaborating with our international regulatory partners to fully evaluate the potential risk to pollinators from neonicotinoid pesticides. The PMRA is committed to only registering pest control products that meet stringent health and environmental standards and do not pose unacceptable risks.

Table 1 - Neonecotinoid insecticides to be re-evaluated as a cluster.
Chemical name (on PMRA record) Chemical Abstract Service Number
Clothianidin 205510-53-8
Thiamethoxam 153719-23-4
Imidacloprid 138261-41-3

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