Stop Bedbugs! Start By Checking Your Room

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Within Canada: 1-800-267-6315
Outside Canada: 1-613-736-3799 (long distance charges apply)
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  • Don't put your luggage down on the floor or on the bed - put it in the bath tub, or on the luggage rack.
  • Check the bed - mattress, zippers, seams, cushion tufts, and in behind and around the headboard.
  • Check the furniture and walls, furniture frames and cushions using something with a hard corner or edge, like a credit card.
  • Check in behind paintings, posters, mirrors, as well as around mouldings, trim, baseboards and window frames.
  • Check cracks in plaster and peeling wallpaper.
  • Take a close look at electrical outlets, light switches, phones and clocks, as well as all the carpeting rugs.

Stop Bedbugs!

HC Pub: 120063

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Health Canada Pest Management Information Service or visit the Healthy Canadians website.

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