Regulating certain ultraviolet radiation-emitting and ozone-generating devices under the Pest Control Products Act: Devices not subject to the Act

UV radiation-emitting and ozone-generating devices are exempt from the Pest Control Products Act and its Regulations if they:

These include:

For more information or guidance on the MDR or medical devices subject to these Regulations, please email

Also excluded are UV radiation-emitting or ozone-generating devices used to improve air quality by deodorizing or eliminating odours associated with cigarettes, cooking or pets (subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act). For more information on consumer products, please email

At this time, the amendments to the PCPR do not capture UV radiation-emitting devices and ozone-generating devices used to

Health Canada does not recommend specific brands of drinking water treatment devices. However, we strongly recommend that consumers look for a mark or label indicating the device:

These standards have been designed to safeguard drinking water by helping to ensure the safety and performance of products that come into contact with drinking water.

Municipal water treatment is regulated at the provincial or territorial level. For information on the acceptability of UV-emitting or ozone-generating devices in municipal water treatment, please contact the appropriate provincial or territorial authority.

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