COVID-19 medical devices

Information for medical device manufacturers, distributors and health professionals in relation to COVID-19

Services and information

Medical devices related to COVID-19

How to apply for an authorization, additional requirements for manufacturers, who to contact

List of medical devices for an urgent public health need in relation to COVID-19

Devices intended to address immediate urgent public health need in relation to COVID-19

Lists of authorized medical devices

How to identify authorized devices, lists of authorized devices, devices no longer authorized

Clinical trials

Expedited clinical trial (investigational testing) review, guidance, authorized clinical trials in Canada, who to contact

Testing devices

Types of tests, list of applications under evaluation

Medical device shortages

Report a shortage, list of specified medical devices, list of shortages

Exceptional importation and sale of medical devices

How to import and sell, regulatory requirements, list of designated devices

Importing and exporting medical devices

Border import and export requirements

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