Notice: Expansion of the Generic Submissions Under Review List

The Generic Submissions Under Review (GSUR) List helps make Health Canada's review processes more transparent. The list provides Canadians with information about generic versions of prescription brand name drugs currently under review in Canada. The GSUR List includes abbreviated new drug submissions (ANDSs) accepted into review on or after October 1, 2018.

The GSUR List currently includes the following information:

Health Canada will expand the information available on the GSUR List to include:

To allow for this expansion, the column displaying the number of submissions under review will be removed, and ANDSs under review will be separated into individual rows in the expanded GSUR List.


Feedback received from various consultations since 2016 have highlighted the need to increase transparency related to generic drug submissions, and to apply transparency measures equally between innovative and generic drug submissions. Launched in 2018, the GSUR List is among the transparency measures implemented in response to feedback from stakeholders. The GSUR List was announced as part of Phase III of the Submissions Under Review (SUR) List initiative, which publishes information about prescription new drug submissions and their supplements under review.

A consultation was held in 2019 to assess the use and impacts on stakeholders of adding the company (sponsor) name to the GSUR List. Results were mixed in terms of the need for this information to be released, and whether its release would cause potential injury to drug sponsors.

However, since that time, requests under the Access to Information (ATI) Act for information associated with ANDSs on the GSUR List have increased considerably, and few third-party objections to the disclosure of this information have been received. The expansion of the GSUR List will facilitate access to the information and reduce the need for ATI requests. Furthermore, it will improve the consistency with which transparency measures are applied among brand name, biosimilar, and generic prescription drugs.

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