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The data extract is a series of compressed UTF-8 text files of the database. The uncompressed size of the files is approximately 65 MB. In order to utilize the data, the file must be loaded into an existing database or information system. The typical user is most likely a third party claims adjudicator, provincial formulary, insurance company, etc. For a casual user to use this file, they must be familiar with database structure and capable of setting up their own queries. The "Read me" file contains the data structure required to download the zipped files.

The DPD extract files contain complete product information for all approved (filename_ap.zip), marketed (filename.zip), cancelled (filename_ia.zip) and dormant (filename_dr.zip) products, for human, veterinary, disinfectant and radiopharmaceutical use.

For more information on the Data Extract structure consult the Read me file.

Notice: Change effective July 4, 2022

Effective March 1, 2022, the American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) classification information is no longer available in the Drug Product Database data extracts.

Effective July 4, 2022, the Allfiles will contain the Therapeutic Class file (previously referred to as Version 2 of the Therapeutic Class file) that does not have the AHFS code and description fields and has the format outlined below.

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Mailing List

If you would like to receive communications regarding future changes to the DPD data extracts, please send an email to the following address to sign up for the mailing list: SIPD-Systems@hc-sc.gc.ca.

Table - DPD Extract Files
DPD Extract Files
New Files (UTF-8 format)
Last Updated
QRYM_BIOSIMILARS bios.zip 2024-07-02
bios_ia.zip 2024-07-02
bios_ap.zip 2024-07-02
bios_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_COMPANIES comp.zip 2024-07-02
comp_ia.zip 2024-07-02
comp_ap.zip 2024-07-02
comp_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_DRUG_PRODUCT drug.zip 2024-07-02
drug_ia.zip 2024-07-02
drug_ap.zip 2024-07-02
drug_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_FORM form.zip 2024-07-02
form_ia.zip 2024-07-02
form_ap.zip 2024-07-02
form_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_ACTIVE_INGREDIENTS ingred.zip 2024-07-02
ingred_ia.zip 2024-07-02
ingred_ap.zip 2024-07-02
ingred_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_INACTIVE_PRODUCTS inactive.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_PACKAGING package.zip 2024-07-02
package_ia.zip 2024-07-02
package_ap.zip 2024-07-02
package_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_PHARMACEUTICAL_STD pharm.zip 2024-07-02
pharm_ia.zip 2024-07-02
pharm_ap.zip 2024-07-02
pharm_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_ROUTE route.zip 2024-07-02
route_ia.zip 2024-07-02
route_ap.zip 2024-07-02
route_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_SCHEDULE schedule.zip 2024-07-02
schedule_ia.zip 2024-07-02
schedule_ap.zip 2024-07-02
schedule_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_STATUS status.zip 2024-07-02
status_ia.zip 2024-07-02
status_ap.zip 2024-07-02
status_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_THERAPEUTIC_CLASS ther.zip 2024-07-02
ther_ia.zip 2024-07-02
ther_ap.zip 2024-07-02
ther_dr.zip 2024-07-02
QRYM_VETERINARY_SPECIES vet.zip 2024-07-02
vet_ia.zip 2024-07-02
vet_ap.zip 2024-07-02
vet_dr.zip 2024-07-02
ALL FILES allfiles.zip 2024-07-02
allfiles_ia.zip 2024-07-02
allfiles_ap.zip 2024-07-02
allfiles_dr.zip 2024-07-02


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