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The Patent Register is an alphabetical listing of medicinal ingredients and their associated patents, the patent expiry dates and other related information established in accordance with the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations [SOR/133-93 as amended].

The Patent Register database is available for download as a set of compressed text files. Users of these files will require a familiarity with database structure with and the capacity of creating their own queries. This download will be updated nightly.


  1. Download the by clicking on the above link.
  2. Uncompress the file and extract the three files contained within.
  3. Each of the three files represents a distinct table from the Patent Register database. The three tables are the "Drugs" table, the "Patent_Service" table and the "Submission_Certif" table. Note that the first "row" in each of the text files consists solely of the names of each column or field in that particular table.
  4. Using the database of your choice, import each of the text files into the database to recreate the Patent Register table structure. Important! Select Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding when importing the text files.
  5. Build the relationships between the tables as follows:
    • Drugs table: Drug_ID = Primary key
    • Patent_Service table: Form_ID = Primary key, Drug ID = Foreign key
    • Submission_Certif table: Sub_Form ID = Primary key, Drug_ID = Foreign key, Form_ID = Foreign key
  6. View description of all the fields in the database and their data types.
  7. If you have difficulties, please see assistance from your own technical support staff.

Please note any Portable Document Format (PDF) files visible on the Patent Register are not part of the download.

If you have any questions relating to the Patent Register contact:

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