Implementing, maintaining and record keeping: Preventive control plan for cannabis extracts and edible cannabis

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Implementing your plan

Once your preventive control plan is developed, you need to implement it into your day-to-day operations.

This involves:

Maintaining your plan

You must continuously and periodically review, improve, and revise your preventive control plan as necessary so that your preventive control plan reflects the current practices and operation of your facility and managing risks associated with the production of your products.

Your preventive control plan needs to be reassessed and amended when:

If a reassessment has occurred, you should record this event describing the reassessment activity, its result, and the revisions made, if any, as a best practice.

Record keeping

You must keep records or documents of the following:

You must keep each record for at least two years after the day on which it was created.

You'll generate a number of different types of records, suitable to your operations. These must be made available for review by Health Canada.

Best practices you should adopt for both hard copy and electronic records:

If using electronic records:

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