Cannabis laws and regulations

About cannabis, process of legalization, cannabis in provinces and territories, driving laws

Services and information

Current status of cannabis laws

Legal, illegal, unlicensed sellers, enforcement, change.

Cannabis in the provinces and territories

Laws, producers, sale, consumption control.

Task Force on Cannabis Regulation

News releases, consultations, framework.

Impaired driving

Current laws, strengthening driving laws, applying laws.

Law enforcement information

Reporting, seizure, disposition, cannabis, chemical property, precursors, controlled substances

The Cannabis Act in the Senate

Progress through parliament, current status, committees, status of provincial and territorial legislation.

Industry guidelines and requirements

Import and export, production and safety, medical documents, ethical conduct and advertising rules.

Regulations supporting the Cannabis Act

Coming into force, Cannabis Regulations, Industrial Hemp Regulations, summaries.

Cannabis and international travel

Taking cannabis across the border is illegal, including cannabis used for medical purposes.

Inspection data

Quarterly inspection data summary, compliance and enforcement.

Applying for a cannabis criminal record suspension

No-fee, expedited record suspensions for simple possession of cannabis.

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