Online calculator: Limits for public possession of cannabis

The law says an adult may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent, in public for non-medical purposes.

You can use this tool to help you stay within the legal public possession limit when you have different classes of cannabis products, such as:

Legal disclaimer

This calculator is not intended for use for cannabis for medical purposes where the public possession limits for authorized patients may be different than the 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes.

This calculator is for your convenience only and should not be relied upon exclusively for determining the amount of cannabis that an individual may possess in public. Results depend on the accuracy of the information you enter. You are responsible for respecting the laws of the province or territory you are in.

The information is also not meant to replace professional or legal advice. We offer no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information given by this calculator or on this site. You are encouraged to consult the Cannabis Act and the applicable regulations.

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Cannabis Product Labelling

Labels for cannabis products sold at retail stores state the dried cannabis equivalent amount for the product.

Look for the statement "Contains the equivalent of ## g of dried cannabis" on the product label.

Simply add together the numbers of equivalent grams from the labels of different cannabis products purchased, to ensure you are within the 30-gram limit for public possession for non-medical purposes.

Figure 1.
Figure 1. Text version below.
Figure 1 - Text description

Example of an edible cannabis product label with the third and fourth line enclosed in a red box. The text inside the red box reads "Contains the equivalent of 5.3 g of dried cannabis / Contient l'équivalent 5,3 g de cannabis séché".

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