Licensing Process

New information on this topic will be available soon. In the meantime, please visit the Industrial hemp licensing application guide for current information on how to get an industrial hemp licence.

In Canada, provision is made under the Industrial Hemp Regulations for production of industrial hemp under licence. Most activities related to the possession, production and sale or distribution of industrial hemp, including importation and exportation, require a licence. Licences must be obtained before starting any activity that requires a licence. Submission of an application form does not constitute authorization to commence an activity requiring a licence.

Application Process

In order to obtain a licence, you must be at least 18 years of age and ordinarily reside in Canada. If the applicant is a corporation or cooperative, the corporation or cooperative must have its head office in Canada, or operate a branch office in Canada. Should you require printed copies of any documents, call our information line at (613) 954-6524 or fax us a request at (613) 941-5360. Requests for documentation can also be submitted by e-mail to:

You must submit a completed general licence application form and attach the appropriate schedule for each activity for which a licence is required. You must include any supporting documentation for activities that may require proof of qualification or membership in a professional organization or program.

A separate licence is required for each location to be licensed. If you require a licence for more than one location, you must submit a separate schedule providing information for each location. Original signatures on the original application forms are required before the evaluation process can be completed. Completed applications should be sent to:

Industrial Hemp Section
Office of Controlled Substances
123 Slater Street
AL 3502A
Ottawa ON K1A 1B9

Application Review and Approval

Each application goes through a formal review process and verification of the information. If information is missing or incorrect, an evaluator will contact you to request the missing information. In some cases, applications may be returned to you for completion.

Licence Amendments

Amendments to licences can be made. You must submit an appropriate schedule that contains information explaining the amendment, along with the original copy of your licence to the Office of Controlled Substances. Be sure to retain a photocopy of your current licence to ensure you are able to carry on business while your licence is being amended.

Licence and Permit Applications

Below you will find a menu of application forms required to request a licence or permit for specific activities related to industrial hemp. A guidance document is available for each application form. Please follow it closely so your application can be processed efficiently.

You may apply for a licence for the upcoming calendar year as early as mid-December. For cultivation licences, the application should be sent in by the end of April to ensure that there is sufficient time to process your application and get your licence to you before seed purchase and planting.

A research licence application will take longer to process, particularly if it is for a new project or concept that requires a policy decision or legal opinion.

  • Breeding
  • Business Officers, Directors and/or Partners
  • Cultivation
  • Cultivation for Research Purposes
  • Derivative Processing
  • Distribution
  • Exporting (Licence and permit)
  • Importing (Licence and permit)
  • Possession
  • Processing
  • Testing

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