Workplace Health and Disability Management Services

Given that one in five Canadians will develop a mental illness in their lifetimeFootnote 1, the likelihood of a manager or an employee facing a mental health issue in the federal workplace is real. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with mental illness - combined with a lack of understanding of, and experience in dealing with, mental health issues - often result in missed opportunities to mitigate the impact on employees, their colleagues, workplaces and families.

In Canada, approximately 40% of disability claims and sick leave are primarily due to mental health issues, with depression and anxiety being the most prevalent.Footnote 2

Employee Assistance Services (EAS) offers customized services, on a cost recovery basis, to help managers and employees deal with mental health related issues. EAS' Workplace Health and Disability Management Services include:

  • mental health education and awareness sessions with a focus on depression and anxiety;
  • support in accessing resources to stay well and/or accommodate disabilities;
  • manager training on the identification of indicators of mental illness, effective interventions including accommodations and remain at work/return to work planning;
  • manager consultation and coaching on workplace mental health issues; and
  • facilitation with managers and employees to develop remain at work/return to work plans.

Workplace Health and Disability Management Services are provided by EAS' network of mental and organizational health professionals.

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