Transparency and privacy: Consulting about new regulatory guidance for novel foods

Health Canada is developing new guidance for novel foods. We encourage you to participate in this process. This page outlines our transparency and privacy policies with respect to the information you share.

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How you can get involved

Contribute to the development of the new regulatory guidance for novel foods by taking part in the formal consultation.

Our online stakeholder registry makes it easier for you to participate.

Record of meetings and correspondence

We're committed to revising our guidance about novel foods in an open and transparent manner.

We're engaging experts from industry, academia and other sectors to provide scientific information and advice to inform the guidance.

We do not treat this information and advice as confidential. All meetings, correspondence and documents shared between Health Canada and experts are published in the table of meetings and correspondence. The documents listed in the table are available upon request, for the sole purpose of ensuring greater transparency. The table will be posted for 2 years.

This table contains information about:

It does not include simple enquiries or requests for information that are not relevant to the development of the new guidance.


Our commitment to open government helps us remain transparent and open with citizens. In line with this commitment, we're making more information available to you. We're also providing you with more opportunities to take part in discussions on policies, priorities and regulations.

We've designed our consultation activities on the development of new regulatory guidance for novel foods to ensure that the views and perspectives of a wide variety of participants are considered, including:


Stakeholders are defined as:

The definition excludes all levels of government, as well as foreign governments.

A written submission is any electronic or mailed correspondence that is a formal response to the proposed new guidance, as outlined in a consultation document. Examples of consultation documents include:

A formal consultation is a process in which we invite people to comment on new or potential changes to our policies, regulations or guidance. There is a defined start and end date for a formal consultation.

Privacy notice

This notice explains how we handle information from meetings and correspondence with stakeholders

Personal information will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Information, views and opinions intended to inform the development of policies related to the development of new regulatory guidance for novel foods, beyond what is part of a written submission to a formal consultation, will not be treated confidentially. We will not accept correspondence or documents marked as confidential in this context.

We will remind stakeholders again that their information is not considered confidential at the following times:

Meeting notes or documents provided to Health Canada may be released, including in the context of requests under the Access to Information Act.

The personal information you provide to Health Canada is collected pursuant to section 4 of the Department of Health Act and is governed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Purpose of collection: Personal information is used for stakeholder communications related to the Food Safety and Nutrition Program.

Other uses or disclosures: Your personal information may be made publicly available, including on In limited and specific situations, your personal information may be disclosed without your consent in accordance with subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act.

For more information: This personal information collection is described in Info Source, available online at Refer to the standard personal information banks on Outreach Activities PSU 938 and Public Communications PSU 914.

Your rights under the Privacy Act: In addition to protecting your personal information, the Privacy Act gives you the right to request access to and correction of your personal information. For more information about these rights, or about our privacy practices, please contact Health Canada's Privacy Coordinator at 613-948-1219 or You also have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada if you think your personal information has been handled improperly.

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