Food safety for fruits and vegetables

Wash, prepare, store and cook fruits and vegetables properly to prevent food poisoning. Also know the health risks of unpasteurized juice and cider.

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Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs can be a health risk if not properly cleaned, dried and stored. Learn proper food safety practices to prevent food poisoning.


Minimize your risk of getting food poisoning by learning how to properly wash, store and prepare fresh fiddleheads.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens can carry bacteria that cause food poisoning. Avoid getting sick by following cleaning, handling, storing and cooking practices.


Prevent food poisoning caused by bacteria found on melons by following proper handling, cleaning and preparation practices.


Mushrooms can cause food poisoning if not properly packaged, washed, stored, prepared or cooked. Prevent illness by following these food safety practices.


Sprouts can sometimes carry harmful bacteria. Prevent food poisoning by knowing the proper way to wash, store and prepare sprouts.


Avoid getting sick from food poisoning by following proper food safety practices for buying, washing, storing and preparing tomatoes.

Unpasteurized juice and cider

Know the risk for food poisoning when drinking unpasteurized juice and cider. Also find out which vulnerable populations are most at risk for getting sick.

Vegetables and herbs stored in oil

Learn how to properly clean, prepare, store and preserve vegetables and herbs in oil to avoid food poisoning.

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