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The HTF supported 140 national and provincial/territorial projects related to at least one of the four HTF priority areas.

In general, national projects addressed issues of interest to the health systems of several or all jurisdictions and many, but not all, involved more than one jurisdiction. Provincial/territorial projects focused primarily on issues or models that were of particular relevance to the health system of a province, territory or region, and they generally took place exclusively within that jurisdiction. Of the 140 projects, 38 were national, and 102 were provincial/territorial.

All pilot projects were required to include an evaluation plan based on the HTF Evaluation Framework (some projects were evaluations of existing innovative models), and all projects were required to include a dissemination plan. Funding was provided for these activities.

We have provided preset lists of projects (see below) reflecting subjects inquired about regularly. For one or more projects reflecting more specific interests, we suggest you use the HTF Project Search which allows you to conduct a basic or advanced search based on selected project features. Project documentation, including a project summary, a fact sheet, and a final report (where available), can be obtained for individual projects by clicking on the specific project number.

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