Natural Disasters

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are making an effort to decrease the damage and suffering man-made and natural disasters inflict on the Canadian public. Several gains have been made in order to strengthen our emergency management, readiness and response in order to come up with a comprehensive natural disaster plan.

Health Canada's Role

The Department plays a supportive role in the event of a natural disaster. We ensure that provincial and local authorities are capable of mitigating hazards and mounting both a coordinated and effective response to the health needs of their publics in the event of a disaster.


Health Canada's capacities during a natural disaster include:

Monitoring and Evaluating

Health Canada works through the Applied Research & Analysis Directorate to lessen the adverse health outcomes and economic losses associated with extreme events and to reduce the impact of disasters and extreme weather at the local level. T he Department monitors and evaluates these events with the goal of improving the systems that are developed in response to disasters, regardless of their nature.

What Information Can You Find Here?

Health Canada and the Government of Canada are working closely with the provinces and territories to make sure that Canadians are informed and know what to do in the event of a natural disaster. In this section, you will find information on ways to cope and the services available during and after such an event.

  • Learn about our response to the Tsunami disaster in South and South East Asia in (December 2004)
  • The Canadian Disaster Database contains historical information on disasters which have directly affected Canadians, at home and abroad, over the past century. Learn more about the Canadian Disaster Database

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