Quit4Life Guide for Program Facilitators

Quit4Life is designed to help Canadian youth quit smoking cigarettes. Although the program doesn't mention other tobacco products specifically (smokeless products, little cigars, waterpipes, etc.), the quitting process is very similar to that of a cigarette smoker. Many of the facts in the facilitator's guide and the accompanying Quit4Life handbook for youth are for cigarette smokers, but most of the information will be applicable to any tobacco user.

This facilitator's guide has been created to assist health professionals, educators and youth workers help young people work together and support each other as they participate in the Quit4Life program. The program has been adapted and tested with communities, taking into account emerging research about youth and smoking, and what works best to help them quit.

How to Use this Guide

Quit4Life is a 10-week, four-step group program designed to be delivered by an adult facilitator who has experience working with youth, in a school or community setting. The target group is teenagers who want to quit smoking.

This guide contains the information you need to get started as a Quit4Life Group Facilitator. The guide is designed to help facilitators deliver the Quit4Life program consistently. But consistency does not mean uniformity: each Quit4Life group will have unique features.  As a facilitator, you will find many opportunities to adjust, supplement, and fine tune program activities, to reflect the specific needs and circumstances of each individual group of teens.

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In this guide, you will find session plans with content and suggested activities for each of the ten core sessions that make up the 4-step Quit4Life program. There is also a plan for one optional follow-up session on managing the hopes and fears related to quitting smoking.

The Quit4Life handbook is an essential component of the Quit4Life program. Make it available to all participants from the first session. You can obtain additional copies of the handbook at Quit4life.

What are the goals of Quit4Life?

Quit4Life will help youth:

  • learn more about why they smoke
  • prepare for quitting
  • know what to expect when they quit
  • increase self-confidence to keep trying - even if they slip
  • create and follow a step-by-step action plan to quit successfully - for life!

After Quit4Life, youth will be more informed, confident, committed and clear about trying to quit and succeeding.

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