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Over 3,300,000 Canadians report some level of disability that poses a unique problem to their health. What elements are needed to overcome the barriers and health problems experienced by individuals with a disability? Approaches in the disability field are moving away from a medical/treatment focus toward an approach that stresses citizen control, independent living, empowerment, social networks, social support and community inclusion.

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Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada have many online resources concerning issues related to people with disabilities including:

Violence and Abuse
  • Family Violence against Women with Disabilities (1993)
  • Family Violence and People with a Mental Handicap
Other Health Canada activities

Health Canada is working to improve the health of Canadians with disabilities as well as working to reduce the incidence of disability. It does so through research and public education on the prevention of disease and the prevention of injury that can lead to disability. It also funds programs and evaluates projects to improve the health care system in areas such as home care.

Health Canada also monitors health and safety risks related to the sale and use of medical devices such as hearing aids, pacemakers and powered wheelchairs, as well as drug products and marijuana for medical purposes.


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