Healthy Living

Healthy living means making positive choices that enhance your personal physical, mental and spiritual health. You make these choices when you:

  • follow Canada’s food guide’s healthy eating recommendations to make healthy food choices and build healthy eating habits;
  • build a circle of social contacts to create a supportive environment of people who care for you and respect you;
  • stay physically active to keep your body strong, reduce stress, and improve your energy.
  • choose not to smoke; and
  • put an end to other negative lifestyle practices.

Healthy living choices are affected by where you live, work, learn and play. Keeping yourself informed about positive health practices within your environment is an important way to improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

What Information is Available?

Health Canada encourages Canadians to take a more active role in their health. In this section, you'll find information to help you make informed choices about your health in areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, pregnancy, mental health and sexual and reproductive health.

You'll also find information intended for specific demographic groups, such as children, women and seniors, and for specific areas of interest, including travel, injury prevention and substance use and abuse.

You can also learn about the Canadian Healthy Living Strategy, an initiative led by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Related Resources

Looking for health information that speaks directly to you? Try our Just for You section. These specialized pages offer information on the crucial health issues that affect you while pointing out Health Canada educational kits that can help you improve your own health habits.

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