Chemical safety and air quality in your vehicle

Exposure to chemicals and pollutants in your vehicle depends on many factors including:

  • fan settings
  • surrounding traffic
  • whether the windows are open or closed

Follow these tips to help you and other passengers stay safe while in your vehicle.

Limit air pollutant emissions

Vehicle exhaust contains hundreds of pollutants that contribute to traffic-related air pollution.

You can lower the amount of air pollution you produce by:

  • using other modes of transportation
  • driving a low- or zero-emissions vehicle
  • keeping your vehicle and tires maintained

Replace your cabin air filter

It’s important to replace your cabin air filter based on the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure it works well. A properly maintained cabin air filter will help reduce how many outside air pollutants (such as fine particulate matter and traffic-related air pollution) get inside your vehicle while you’re driving.

Keep a smoke-free vehicle

Never smoke tobacco or cannabis inside your vehicle. Many provinces have laws banning smoking in vehicles with children. Know the laws in your region and stay smoke-free.

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