Health risks and safety

Recalls and alerts, safety at home and at work, emergency preparedness, updates on disease outbreaks.

Services and information

Workplace health and safety

Workplace hazards, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), rights and responsibilities, injury and illness prevention, mental health, compensation, prosecution.

Public health notices

Current disease outbreaks and investigations, potential health risks to Canadians, who is at risk, how to protect yourself, archived health investigations.

Recalls and safety alerts

Recalls, advisories, safety alerts for consumer products, vehicles, food and health products, report an incident, email notification, RSS feed.

Radiation and your health

Types of radiation, things that emit radiation, safety codes, medical radiation, food irradiation, National Dosimetry Services (NDS).

Home safety

Radon, fire, household chemicals and paints, water temperature, window coverings.

Violence and abuse

Get help if you are being abused, preventing violence and abuse, organizations, awareness resources, funding for prevention programs.

Holiday safety

Tips and product alerts, fire safety, holiday food, toys, travel health and safety.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency kits and plans, preparing for extreme weather, help prepare children for an emergency.

Biosafety and biosecurity

Standards and guidelines, pathogen safety, licenses and permits for pathogens and toxins, training, security clearance, Centre for Biosecurity.

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