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Know More - Drugs: Get the facts. Know the Risks.

The Know More opioids awareness program aims to engage teens and young adults on the facts surrounding opioids, ways to reduce risks and the harms of stigma.

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About Know More opioids awareness program

In 2018, the Know More opioids public awareness initiative started as in-person sessions in high schools, on post-secondary school campuses, at festivals and other events. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it transitioned to virtual classroom presentations in 2020. Making the tour virtual has allowed for more sessions and increased reach to rural and remote schools across the country. 
During the virtual visit, a moderator walks participants through interactive activities covering the following topics:

  • What are opioids?
  • What is fentanyl?
  • Signs of an overdose and what to do
  • What is naloxone?
  • The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act
  • The impacts of stigma on people who use drugs

Learn more about the Know More virtual tour and how you can participate in online activities or book a virtual visit.

Supporting materials

You can download, share and print any of the posters, factsheets and videos from Health Canada’s awareness resources for opioids to start a conversation with your students or group.

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