Substance use

Find information about substances, including tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs. Learn about substance use, stigma, how to get help, and the Canadian drugs and substances strategy.

Services and information

About substance use

Information about the stages of substance use, tolerance, dependence, withdrawal and improper use of prescription drugs

Controlled and illegal drugs

Types of drugs and their health risks


Health effects and risks associated with drinking

Get help with substance use

Resources and information available in your community, including overdose prevention resources

Stigma around drug use

Discrimination and barriers to getting help


Legalization, health effects, addiction, medical use, applying for industry licenses, market data, travelling with cannabis

Talking about drugs

How to talk to your loved ones and health care provider about drugs

Supervised consumption sites

Why they are helpful, list of sites, and how to apply to run a site

Smoking, vaping and tobacco

Vaping, tobacco products, effects of smoking, second-hand smoke, prevention and quitting

Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy

A comprehensive, collaborative, compassionate and evidence-based approach to drug policy

Substance Use and Addictions Program

Federal contribution program to support and strengthen the response to substance use issues


About opioids and its effects, overdose, naloxone, fentanyl, and how the Government of Canada is responding to the opioid overdose crisis

Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs

How drugs and alcohol reduce your ability to drive, the risks and consequences of impaired driving, advice for parents

Substance use treatment

Treatment and support options for substance use and addiction, learn where to get help

Chronic pain

Resources for people living with chronic pain

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