Corded window coverings safety

Transcript - Corded Window Coverings Safety

Transcript - Corded Window Coverings Safety

Narrator: Children and blind cords don't mix.

Narrator: Any cords on a window covering can pose a strangulation hazard.  This includes cords used to raise and lower or tilt the blind, cords that are internal, or cords on the back of the blinds.

(Several close-up shots of corded blind, including a toddler playing with a corded blind. On screen text: "children and cord blinds don't mix".)

Narrator: In homes where children live or visit, it is best to replace corded window coverings with ones that are cordless, especially in children's rooms and places where children play.

(Three shots of small children playing.)

Narrator: Strangulations can happen even when children are in places where parents believe they are safe, such as in a crib.

(Headlines from online news reports of corded blind accidents.)

Narrator: Never place a crib, playpen, bed or any type of furniture near a window where there is a blind cord. While exploring their environment, young children can become fatally entangled in a nearby blind cord.

(Shots of babies and toddlers playing in cribs and on beds. On screen text: "keep cribs and playpens clear of windows with blind cords.")

Narrator: When you're choosing window coverings for your home, the safest ones have no dangling or accessible cords that you can see or touch.

(A woman and store clerk looking at various blinds in a blind store. On screen text: "choose cordless blinds.")

Narrator: Parents and caregivers may not be aware of the potential hazard corded blinds pose.If you live in a home where young children play or sleep, and already own corded window coverings, replace them with cordless window coverings.

(Various shots of cordless blinds. On screen text: "if you can't replace corded blinds.")

Narrator: If you cannot replace them, you can reduce the risk of serious injury by properly storing loose hanging cords, high and out of reach of children, whether blinds are up or down. To ensure children's safety, the best practice is to use cordless blinds.  Until you can replace corded products, keep the cords high and out of reach of children.

(Shots of both cordless and safely tied corded blinds. On screen text: "use cordless, always wrap cords up high, always keep cords out of reach of children.")

Narrator: Corded window coverings can also become a greater risk if they are not properly installed.  Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing and using corded window coverings.Always read the warning labels.

(Close-up shots of warning labels.)

Narrator: Visit for more information on how to keep your home safe.

Narrator: A message from Health Canada and the Government of Canada.

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