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Transcript - Food Thermometers

On a kitchen counter, hands are brushing two uncooked chicken breasts in an ovenware dish with oil and herbs

Text on screen: Ready to cook

Close-up of analog traditional kitchen timer, hands turn the dial and set for twenty minutes

Hands put dish with chicken breasts into oven, close oven door

Text on screen: Let's get cooking!

Close-up of kitchen timer indicates zero to show cooking time has expired

Hands open oven door, reveal chicken in dish looking as though it is cooked

Text on screen: Looks good

Hands in oven mitts remove chicken from oven, place on cooling rack on counter

Text on screen: Hold on!

Text on screen: How do you know it's ready?

Hand pokes chicken breasts with closed tongs

Text on screen: Poking it won't tell you

Shot of cooking timer

Text on screen: Cook times won't tell you

Hand holds one chicken breast with tongs while other hand cuts into it with a sharp knife

Text on screen: Cutting into it won't tell you

Text on screen: Juices running clear won't necessarily mean it's ready

Text on screen: Do it this way

Hands wearing oven mitts put cooked chicken breasts on counter

One hand holds chicken breast raised slightly out of the cookware dish with tongs,

while the other hand inserts digital meat thermometer's probe into the end of the breast

Text on screen: Use a digital thermometer

Text on screen: Not done yet!

Hands wearing oven mitts return chicken to the oven and close door

Text on screen: Just a bit more

Hands washing thermometer in stainless steel sink

Text on screen: Wash the thermometer

Hands wearing oven mitts remove chicken from oven again.

Using tongs and digital thermometer, the chicken's temperature is measured once more

Text on screen: Perfect!

Hands check the second chicken breast in the same manner

Text on screen: Remember: colour and cook time won't tell the whole story:

always check the temperature of the meat

Text on screen: For a list of safe internal cooking temperatures, visit

Text on screen: Canada word mark with waving Canada flag

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