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Transcript - Healthy Living: Where we Live Matters

This year, my report puts the spotlight on a very important concept: “where we live matters”. But what exactly does that mean?

In short, research has shown that how our communities and neighbourhoods are planned, designed and built can greatly affect our physical and mental health.

Chronic diseases that are influenced by lifestyle, like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease are the leading causes of death in Canada.

In fact, one in ten Canadian adults is now living with diabetes. This concerns me, as type two diabetes is linked to an unhealthy diet and low physical activity.

Community planning features like bike lanes, walking paths, public transit and parks, encourage us to incorporate more physical activity into our daily lives, whether we are going to work, to school, or during recreational time.

Local access to healthy food sources makes it easier for us to make good food choices.

And communities built to encourage socializing with friends and neighbours help to connect people, and can actually improve mental health.

In conclusion, community planning and design can make it easier for all of us to live healthy lives.

Thank you.

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