Production of cannabis for your own medical purposes

Application for production of cannabis for your own medical purposes, facts about registration and safety considerations.

Services and information

Registering to produce cannabis for your medical purposes

Guidelines for registering to produce a limited amount of cannabis for yourself.

Calculator for producing cannabis for medical purposes

How much cannabis you can grow and store based on the regulations and your medical document.

For people registered or designated to produce cannabis

Requirements for possessing, storing and producing cannabis products.

Cannabis starting materials and interim supply

Information on getting an interim supply of cannabis and starting materials once you have registered.

Safety and security

Recommended safety and security measures for production, storage and disposal.

Testing of cannabis produced by individuals

About getting your cannabis tested by a licensed dealer. How to send your product for testing.

Guidance on personal production of cannabis for medical purposes

Information on factors that may lead to refusing or revoking registration to grow cannabis for medical purposes.

Sample medical document

An example of the document needed from your health care practitioner to purchase from licensed producers.


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