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Product name


Vendor name

Keepthinking Ltd.

Vendor overview

Website URL


Head office

38-40 Southwark Street
London SE1 1UN
United Kingdom
Year founded: 2003
Telephone number: +44 20 7490 5337
Email: info@keepthinking.it Contact Keepthinking's team for general information.
Contact person: Cristiano Bianchi

Product overview

Product description

Qi is a web-based collections, information and asset management solution that allows organisations of any size to manage, publish and share their collection and any other content. Qi can be easily customised to adapt to any type of content and to serve it to diverse audiences, across any number of channels and platforms. Qi is designed for ultimate flexibility, collaboration, ease of use and speed. Qi is Spectrum compliant from the onset and supports every other major international standard such as CDWA, RDA, ISAD(G), MARC 21 and more, meaning that any type of collection can be accommodated. Qi is geared towards management as well as publication and sharing of information, integrating multiple repositories and removing the need for middleware.

Disciplines supported

Any museum, archive and library collection is supported, including art, architecture, archaeology, natural sciences, etc.

Product launch date


Product history

Qi generated from the 18-year experience of Keepthinking to design and develop award winning collections online for museums and archives.

Future development

Fully integrated e-commerce and ticketing.

Demo version

Contact us at info@keepthinking.it.Contact Keepthinking's team for a demo.


Support methods

Email, telephone.

Support language(s)


Support availability and hours

7 a.m. to 11 p.m. UK time.

Support fees

Contact us at info@keepthinking.it Contact Keepthinking's team for support inquiries..

Client support network

Not applicable.


In person and remotely.

System updates and maintenance

New release twice a year in April and October.



Contact us at info@keepthinking.it Contact Keepthinking's team for pricing inquiries..

Maintenance costs

Contact us at info@keepthinking.it. Contact Keepthinking's team for maintenance cost inquiries.

Additional fees

Data conversion is chargeable based on complexity.

System specifications

Operating systems supported

All, as Qi is a web application.

Underlying database



Mac, PC, Linux, Android and iOS tablets.

Hardware requirements

Regular Mac, PC or tablet.

Staff requirements

No requirement for technical staff.

Plug-ins and/or modules available

Integration with other systems possible with Qi REST API. Integration with Elasticsearch for enterprise search capabilities.

Third-party requirements

Not applicable.


Native REST API and integration with Elasticsearch out of the box.


Compliant with W3C WAI Accessibility Level AA.


Qi is fully customisable, with the ability to create new tables and fields directly by customers.

Web integration capabilities

Cloud functionality

Server location
Anywhere. We prefer to use Digital Ocean or Amazon AWS, but flexible.
Security protocols
Typical or average uptime
Back-end maintenance procedures and downtime
Scheduled, every 3 weeks.

Browsers supported

All latest three versions of all standard compliant web browsers.

Web-based access for data entry


Web publishing platform

Museums Sites www.museumssites.com, which can be customised and extended to suit any requirement.

Linked open data functionality

Full support, including Getty, Library of Congress, WorldCat, Geonames integration (among others). JSON REST API and Elasticsearch for publishing and ingesting data from other sources.

User groups and security

User profiles

All access is managed at group level. Each user can be a member of one or more Groups.

User groups

Granular access to each table and field in the system, read/write and approve.

Visitor profiles

Read-only profile can be created.


Not applicable (we don’t understand the question).

Audit trails and/or edit history

Full history of changes is recorded and available for every content type.

Offline access

Not applicable.

Privacy features

Not applicable (we don’t understand the question).

Data migration and stability

Import formats

  • XML
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • JSON

Export formats

  • XML
  • Word
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • JSON


  • SQL

Standards and schemas

Metadata schemas

  • CDWA
  • Spectrum
  • CHIN
  • ISAD(G)
  • DACS

And any other.

Data content standards (cataloguing rules)

No response.

Vocabulary standards

  • Getty AAT
  • ULAN
  • TGN
  • CONA
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings

Any other authority with open/closed API or export format.

Local terminology lists

Any number of local authority lists is possible and can be extended with external vocabularies.


Spectrum 5 compliant (since 2011).

Data entry and content

Media upload/linking

Integrated digital assets management system.

Media formats supported

Over 400 file types accepted.

Data entry features

Copy and paste
Search and replace
Bulk cataloguing
Batch edit
Batch location change
Duplicate record search
Template record
Date selection and formats
Mandatory fields
No response.

Spreadsheet editing view


Geographic mapping


Multilingual fields






Search and reporting

Types of search supported

Boolean queries
Query any field
Sort query results
Based on any result field.
Saving search results
Yes, as packages.
Filter search results
Yes, searches can be nested.
SQL-based search
Not necessary and not supported.
Export search results
Yes, in XML, CSV, Word, Excel and JSON.
Free-text (Google) searches
Search result views

Multilingual searching


Report styles included


Report customization

Yes, using Word and Excel templates.

Report program

Integrated within the platform – no need for a separate reporting module.

Museum functions

Collections management function overview

No response.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Inventory management

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Internal tracking

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

External shipments

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Curatorial research

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Publications and printed material

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Rights management and reproduction

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Risk management and valuation

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Loan management

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.


Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Digital asset management

Yes, Spectrum compliant and fully customisable.

Additional features and functions

No response.

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