Collections management software: vendor profiles

In 2017, the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), with the assistance of an advisory group of museum professionals, developed a vendor profile survey to collect key information about collections management software. This survey information is intended to supplement the Collections Management Software Criteria Checklist in order to assist museums in selecting the proper software to meet their needs. In the winter of 2018, the vendors demonstrated specific functions of the software systems, and community members evaluated and rated them (Please refer to our Scoring System & Evaluation Guide).

The survey results are presented below. The responses from the vendors have not been verified by CHIN, and museums are advised to contact vendors for additional information. This information, which was current as of January 2018, is provided solely to offer details about available software.

Inclusion of specific products does not mean that CHIN recommends the software, but that members of the community expressed interest in learning about these products. A vendor whose software is not profiled may contact CHIN to request a vendor profile for future inclusion.


Axiell Collections by Axiell ALM - Profile

Adlib (profile)Archived
Adlib (evaluation results)Archived

Gallery Systems

TMS and eMuseum (profile)


Qi (profile)
Qi (evaluation results)


Argus (profile)
Argus (evaluation results)


CollectionSpace (profile)
CollectionSpace (evaluation results)


MINISIS (profile)
MINISIS (evaluation results)

Our Digital World

Vita (profile)


PastPerfect 5.0 (profile)
PastPerfect 5.0 (evaluation results)


Proficio (profile)
Proficio (evaluation results)


S-Museum (profile)
S-Museum (evaluation results)

Vernon Systems

Vernon CMS (profile)
Vernon CMS (evaluation results)
eHive (profile)
eHive (evaluation results)


CollectiveAccess (profile)
CollectiveAccess (evaluation results)

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