Updating the IMM 1000 form upon acquisition of Canadian citizenship

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

The Immigration Record of Landing is a historical document containing personal information, including immigration details of the person to whom it was issued and should accurately reflect the status of the holder. It assists that person in obtaining access to Canada and a variety of governmental programs and services, but remains the property of the Government of Canada. To safeguard the integrity of the document, CIC updates the Record of Landing at the time the holder becomes a Canadian citizen. CIC staff stamp the document, "The holder is no longer a permanent resident".

Updating the holder's status by stamping the IMM 1000 does not alter the historical character of the document because it does not change or obscure the information imprinted at the time of landing.

It is returned to the holder since it contains personal information concerning that person.

Requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

The authority under which CIC can update the Record of Landing is found in IRPA, paragraph 2(1):

"permanent resident" means a person who has acquired permanent resident status and has not subsequently lost that status under section 46.

46 (1) A person loses permanent resident status

"(a) when they become a Canadian citizen;"

Therefore, the wording of the stamp accurately reflects the status of the holder.

The Immigration Record of Landing IMM 1000 of permanent residents becoming Canadian citizens will be stamped to update the holder's status.


Informing the Applicant

Applicants are advised, in writing, on the test, hearing, and ceremony notices to bring their IMM 1000 (and permanent resident card, if applicable) to their scheduled appointments. Local office staff may also verbally advise applicants of the requirement at any point in the process.

For minor non-concurrent grants under 14 years of age, the Case Processing Centre in Sydney (CPC-S) writes to the client to request the original IMM 1000 and/or PR card before mailing the citizenship certificate directly to the client.

Applicant reports Immigration Record of Landing lost or stolen

Applicants must complete a Solemn Declaration when they declare their IMM 1000 is not available for updating because it has been lost, stolen or destroyed. This can be done at any stage in the process. If declared at a ceremony, it is left to the discretion of the local office whether or not the client completes the form at the ceremony or is rescheduled and instructed to return with the completed declaration to a new ceremony.

After the applicant becomes a citizen, the local office updates the Global Case Management System (GCMS) with the information that the IMM 1000 has been lost or stolen and was not stamped at the citizenship ceremony. If GCMS indicates the applicant is in the process of applying for a certified copy of the IMM 1000 (Verification of Admission), the local office will inform the Operations Support Centre (OSC) that the person has become a Canadian citizen so that OSC can stamp the copy before sending it to the client.

Stamping the Immigration Record of Landing

The stamp has been designed to fit all versions of the IMM 1000, including the small "landing cards" (these can be stamped on the back). The Record of Landing original or certified copy issued by OSC (not a photocopy or other reproduction) is stamped as applicants present themselves at the citizenship ceremony, immediately before taking the oath of citizenship. Stamping is done at all ceremonies, including special ceremonies and ceremonies held away from the local office.

If an applicant presents an IMM 1000 that has been laminated or is otherwise impossible to stamp, make a note in GCMS of the condition of the document and the reason for not stamping it. If the document has been laminated, it must be perforated by punching a hole in the document.

Since permanent residence status has been confirmed before the grant of citizenship, it is not necessary to have the applicant obtain a certified copy of the IMM 1000 for the sole purpose of stamping it at the ceremony.

Applicant forgets to bring IMM 1000 to the ceremony

Local office staff will make arrangements with the applicant to return with the IMM 1000 at a later date.

Officers will use judgment in determining whether an exception should be made to allow an applicant to participate in a ceremony with the understanding that they will become a citizen, but that they must provide the IMM 1000 so that it can be updated. In this case, a declaration is completed at the time of the ceremony and a copy may be given to the applicant. An envelope with the local office address on it is given to the client for ease of sending the IMM 1000. The applicant’s file will be retained at the local office until the applicant brings or sends the IMM 1000 to be stamped or completes a Solemn Declaration, if appropriate. Case notes are added to GCMS to ensure proper tracking of the file.

The local office can also arrange for the applicant to come in to the local office in order for the IMM 1000 to be stamped.

Operations Support Centre (OSC)

The Immigration OSC  processes applications for Verification of Admission and prepares certified copies of records of landing. When acquisition of citizenship is indicated in GCMS, the OSC stamps the certified copies of records requested by Canadian citizens with the same stamp used at the ceremonies.


In the case of non-concurrent minors under 14 years of age, the IMM 1000 will be stamped and/or the PR card will be collected by the CPC-S. The CPC-S will write to the applicants asking them to send in the IMM 1000 and/or PR card. The CPC-S will stamp the IMM 1000 and return it to the applicant along with the citizenship certificate. The CPC-S will follow the same procedures as the local offices for declarations and GCMS input.

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